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The Little Witch

New Moon Blessing

New Moon Blessing

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These are the very first of Moon Blessings designed with children young and old at mind. I feel that taking care of ourselves and our sense of well-being should always be inclusive, so whilst this idea first came about after years working within education I am also aware that these sets could be used for people living in rented accommodation with no fire regulations.  The lack of naked flames and smoke may also attract those experiencing asthma, COPD etc, people with Alzheimer’s can connect with the moon without the concern of forgetting a lit candle or smouldering smudge stick.

Each set contains a little set of instructions that is easy to follow to allow independence and ownership of the ritual to the recipient. The pen spray contains all the elements to cleanse and protect the person and area they are using. A battery light is the fire element but without the risk of flames and includes a square of black card to sit the candle on to represent the New Moon phase.  A piece of paper to write the wishes upon.  A disc of dehydrated soil and some seeds are used to sow on the New Moon on top of the recipients wishes, this provides a visual of watching the seeds grow and their wishes coming into fruition. A Moonstone is also included with its own branded pouch for safe keeping. Finally, a little mystery sweet treat.

This is a beautiful activity for children to practice a little breathwork, it is also an opportunity for them to learn self care and boost their wellbeing.  Teaching children resilience is so important so that they can overcome feelings of anxiety, stress and worry.

I’m beyond excited to bring these sets forward to promote positivity and mind wellness for our children x
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