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The Little Witch

Hawks Eye

Hawks Eye

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Also known as Blue Tiger Eye, it's appearance varies in shades of blues and browns.

Associated with the throat chakra, this little gem can help physical ailments of the throat and pharynx, particularly said to help with Laryngitis.

A protective crystal whose energies as said to guard against the 'evil eye'.

Hawks Eye is said to have the ability to heal inner conflicts and soothe emotions, clearing internal blockages allowing you to connect  to your intuition and higher self.

Crystals vary in colour, shape, size and weight due to being a natural product. Each weigh between 7g - 12g

*As with all metaphysical items, outcomes are never guaranteed.  My products are curated based on my experiences and knowledge, I do not make claims about the effectiveness. Always seek medical professional advice for any health concerns.*

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