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The Little Witch

Heart Love Bauble

Heart Love Bauble

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🎶Love is in the air 🎶

This beautiful heart shaped bauble has been created with love as the intention. Amplified with the highest of vibrations of rose incense and infused with Reiki.
The ingredients included are;
Cedar - as an evergreen it has been included to encourage an everlasting love, green also being the colour of the heart chakra.
Rose Petals - roses have always had an unwritten rule of being the flower of love.
Pink Salt - pink represents the feeling of love whilst salt is renowned for its protective and cleansing properties.
Cinnamon - ignites passion while stirring the fire within.
Honey - to sweeten the potion to ever higher levels.
Rose Quartz chips - helps to give and receive love.
Rhodonite chips - sends loving vibes to your soul.
Unakite chips - connects to the heart releasing blockages, creating love and harmony.
Clear Quartz - this master healer will amplify all elements created in this bauble.

Traditionally, these were known as Witches Balls and were hung by doors and windows to distract evil spirits from entering the home. The Love baubles can also be hung by the door or window to invite love into the home. Alternatively they can be hung on an altar or dressing table to promote self love.

* Please be aware that the item may not look exactly like the photo as they can be shaken during posting. As with all metaphysical items, experience and outcomes are not guaranteed*
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