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The Little Witch

Menopause Crystal Set

Menopause Crystal Set

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As a Reiki Practitioner I have infused the crystal sets with Seichem Reiki helping to enhance the crystal healing properties.   The set includes four crystals (you can find the descriptions further down the page), a scroll containing the properties of each crystal, a cotton branded bag all contained in a luxury black matt tube.

 Citrine - (the yellow one) A real feel good crystal, this little powerhouse will raise self esteem and boost self condence whilst help yo control anger and emotional instability.. A true ray of sunshine it can help to ease anxiety, fear and low mood. A great energiser and booster of those happy hormones.

Sodalite - (the blue and white one). A calming crystal that stimulates the release of rigid mindsets, allowing new ones to form. Sodalite can help with insomnia and negative traits whilst help boosting self esteem and helping you to communicate your feelings.

Moonstone - (the milky cream one). Moonstone helps to release energy blocks throughout thebody bringing calmness, a sense of control to help create a beautiful peace of mind.

Carnelian -(the orange one). Carnelian ignites your inner re to help create a positive outlook and a zest for life. A bright burst of energy to boost self esteem, compassion and courage. Connect to the frequency and vibrations of carnelian to feel it's warm energies wrap around you like a hug.


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