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The Little Witch

Orange Wishing Candle

Orange Wishing Candle

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Drawn to Orange candles?

In Candle Magick Orange signifies;

💫 Justice
💫 Joy
💫 Opportunity 
💫Connect to the Sacral Chakra

Take a couple of relaxing breaths, take hold of your candle and think about what you'd like with this candle.  When you are ready light the candle, allowing it to burn completely down. Your wishes have been heard.

Each candle is 10cm in length and made from unscented beeswax. The bundles include 3 black candles.  Light the white candles to connect to the New Moon energies.


*As with all metaphysical items, outcomes are never guaranteed.  My products are curated based on my experiences and knowledge, I do not make claims about the effectiveness. Always seek medical professional advice for any health concerns.*

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