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The Little Witch

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

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Smoky Quartz
A translucent crystal that comes in a variety of brown, black and yellow hues.
Associated to the base chakra it is an efficient grounding and anchoring crystal.
Smoky Quartz aids the flow of energy, often releasing depression, anxiety and negativity helping you to become more relaxed.
A protective crystal that sends negative thoughts and feelings back to their original source, this is often thought of as the stone of karma.
Crystals vary in colour, shape, size and weight due to being a natural product. Each weigh between 7g - 12g

*As with all metaphysical items, outcomes are never guaranteed.  My products are curated based on my experiences and knowledge, I do not make claims about the effectiveness. Always seek medical professional advice for any health concerns.*

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