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Bloom Blissfully



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Sodalite is often dark blue in colour mottled with light blue and white, it is associated with the brow chakra helping to induce medative state.

A calming crystal that stimulates the release of old mental conditioning and rigid mindsets, creating space for mental clarity and allowing new mindsets to form.

A little powerhouse for helping to combat insomnia and negative mental health traits, whilst boosting self esteem and helping to communicate feelings and ideas.

Whilst Sodalite increases self esteem, self confidence and self reliance it also helps you to accept the shadow side of yourself without judgement or guilt.

Crystals vary in colour, shape, size and weight due to being a natural product. Each weigh between 7g - 12g

*As with all metaphysical items, outcomes are never guaranteed.  My products are curated based on my experiences and knowledge, I do not make claims about the effectiveness. Always seek medical professional advice for any health concerns.*

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